Piers Nicholson sundials

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All our sundials are made from 10 mm. mirror-polished stainless steel, so they are very beautiful and very robust. They are made in 3 standard sizes: 24, 30 and 42 cm. square.

We have recently introduced a new design of engraving for those customers who want more reflections of clouds, buildings and trees. The new annular design (see temporary pictures with a rod in place of our standard split gnomon below)is exactly t he same price as the original design with the matt circle above. The left hand picture shows the shadow at solar noon, and the right-hand one shows the shadow a little after 3 pm

Our prices include the engraving of the hour lines, hour markers, and an indivdiaul inscription of your own choise in the large space at the foot of the dialplate. We can give you some suggestins so that yu ca work out what you would like on your dial.

For prices and ordering, please visit www.sundials.info