Stainless Steel Sundials by Spot-on Sundials

The Skywheel - More Images

These views show how the Skywheel glints

in the sunshine almost whatever the angle

The mirror polished baseplate gives stunning reflections of the sky and clouds, the underside of the wheel and neighbouring trees and buildings

In winter, the sun shines on the underside of the wheel but you can still tell the time, as shown below

The Skywheel makes a focal point for the garden

From the back, you get this marvellous visual image from the reflection of the Skywheel in the baseplate

When sun time is exactly on the hour, the shadow of the gnomon (the rod that casts the shadow) falls exactly over one of the spokes of the wheel (see top left). The vertical spoke is twelve noon by the sun (around one o'clock in British Summer Time), and in this picture it is exactly 5 o'clock by the sun.

Between each of the spokes, there are 5 nicks in the circumference of the wheel. When the shadow of the gnomon is exactly astride one of the nicks, it is successively 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 minutes past the hour. So in this picture, it is 20 minutes to 5

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